Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final Presentation

Hello Everyone!
This is link to my final presentation.
Thank you!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stats on my blog

Last week, I learned it is important to compile statistics.

This is my stats on my blog.
  Pageviewer today - 1
  Pageviewer yesterday - 0
  Pageviewer last month - 97
  Pageviewer all time history - 169
    (The day most people look my blog is on Wednesday)

Pageviewer by country
  People from United States, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Ireland and South Korea look my blog.

Pageviewer by Browsers       Pageviewer by Operating system

Image displaying most popular browsersImage displaying most popular platforms

This is stats on my Twitter.

Tweet - 16
Following - 24
Follower - 9

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Homework 7

How will you measure your return on investment(ROI)?

These are the ways to measure ROI
・check activities
   - click through rate (how many people click it out)
   - check the number of follower, eyeballs, likes, retwite, reposts and mention
・measure sales
・search engine
・check profit/change

ROI = (gain from investment - cost of investment)/ cost of investment

Monday, November 5, 2012


Hi everyone! This is link of my introduction video.

Its so hard to attract people using video. I dont think mine come out well..
I realized I need more practice.
Enjoy it!

Twitter Chat

   On Halloween Day, we did twitter chat instead attending class.
I had great time using twitter actually.
My impression is it was hard for me. I used to use Twitter a lot before I started to use Facebook, so I thought I am accustomed to using. That's why I didn't say Twitter as the answer of the question, "What is the least favorite tool?". But except me, everyone said Twitter for that answer. After using twitter chat, my mind was changed because it was so hard to catch up with. There are two main problem. One is everyone response so fast because twitter has word limitation. So while I tried to write response for other, other people response.. Another problem is other people's conversation show up to my page as long as both are follower. My page has many post and it was confusing me. Therefore I agreed with classmate that the least favorite tool is Twitter finally.
  Instead of these problem, Titter is used by many people all over the world as both of personal tool and business tool. So I want to look for good side of twitter with using!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Case Study

In last class, we presented about our case study.
Our topic was "What Taco Bell do as Social Media Campaigns".

Taco bell use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Mobile App.
On Facebook page, they have cool photo are taken with Taco bell product and advertise about discount events at stores. They also have a coupon. I think facebook pase looks very well as you can see from the number of like and "Talking about this".
By using Twitter, they focus on more local. They have many Taco bell pase depends on alea, beside of Taco bell main page Twitter. At the local Taco bell page, they post about "Free truck". I thought twitter page focusing on specific alea is really good, but seeing from the number of follower, I cant tell it works well.
On Youtube page, they just post their commercial. I think its good to give idea about Taco bell for people who dont know.
About Mobile app, we have to pay $1 for iphone user (even thought it is only $1, it obstructs people from using this). It is free for other phone, but it doesnt seem to work well because it require much capacity.

What I learned from this case study is Taco bell is not embraced by other cultures. I think because they dont expand stores to other countries so many, we dont have any idea about Taco bell. They should open taco bell to be accepted in other countries and advertise using social media and this should include about "free truck" to let many people know about Taco bell.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My experience of online community

I'm late to post my experience of online community..

It was really hard for me to find community related my major. At first, I tried to find community about "Marketing in developing country". I found the article  related this on blog but I could not post my comment because I thought this is not right to place to post my comment, it was written a couple years ago and no one post comment on that.
After that I changed my mind to find community about my hobby, snowboarding. I post "where is the recommend place to go snowboard in Southern California?" on one article in blog. I was surprised because I got reply soon after I posted.

From this experience, I found it really hard to find blog or community online from tons of information because some blog or community do not carry on these days. I think to join community that related my major is the bast way to build my bland for student who doesnt have many real network so I try to keep finding a community.